What is Earl Grey tea?

It is one of the great classics in the field of tea: Earl Grey is generally based on the use of black tea, although we also offer it on a green tea base, and even more rarely white tea or wulong tea, and even Rooïbos. A skilful blend of delicious teas with notes of bergamot is achieved to obtain the legendary taste of Earl Grey, one of the best-selling teas along with green teas, infusions and flavoured teas.

Composition of Earl Grey

Earl Grey is undoubtedly one of the most famous teas in the world, especially in England. But beware of preconceived ideas, despite its reputation as an English tea, Earl Grey does come from China. Moreover, the link between the famous English Earl Grey and the famous recipe of black tea scented with bergamot is not unanimous! If you want to discover the legend of Earl Grey and make your own opinion we invite you to discover its origin on our blog

What is sure is that our Earl Grey Supérieur convinces all those who discover it! When we say Earl Grey, we mean bergamot but not necessarily black tea! Discover our Sencha Earl Grey with green tea.

Regarding the ingredients of Earl Grey tea: our secret lies in the exceptional blend of quality ingredients prepared from black teas from China, a selection of essential oils of bergamot and flower petals. At Compagnie & Co, we always seek the perfect balance between taste and aroma. 

But by the way, do you know bergamot? 

This citrus fruit of the bergamot tree grows mainly in Italy. This fruit is mainly used to extract its essential oil. This essential oil is mainly known for its characteristic taste but also for its calming and relaxing virtues, which makes it a perfect ally against stress.

Tips for preparation

How to prepare this tea scented with bergamot so that it releases all the splendor of its aromas?

It's easy: We recommend you let it brew for 3 minutes in simmering water between 85° and 90°C. 

But we can never repeat it enough: the secret of a good tea is to enjoy it first! You can shorten this time if you prefer a lighter taste, or lengthen it for a more intense result. 

It is ideal to drink in the morning because it brings a real energy in the long run, perfect to start the day! 

The Earl Grey Supérieur tea is a must, with powerful and delicate aromas. Very rich in antioxidants, it would facilitate the elimination of toxins. 

It is also and above all a sweet tea, ideal for a moment of pleasure and sweetness. Its unique bergamot aroma inspires even the most demanding gourmets to make delicious cakes infused with Earl Grey!

Find our Earl Grey Supérieur in Berlingo ® tea bags or let yourself be seduced by our different formats of loose tea: 100g loose refill bag, 30g luxury metal tin100g luxury metal tin or 1Kg loose bag and 1Kg luxury metal tin.

What are the benefits of Earl Grey tea?

The positive effects of Earl Grey tea are similar to the benefits of tea in general. First of all, the tea contains a lot of catechins, an antioxidant that is full of virtues, and that helps fight against various oral infections. 

In addition, black tea and Earl Grey help digestion. They reduce disorders that are often observed, such as colic, bloating or nausea after a heavy or difficult to digest meal.

Although it is not as irritating and irritating as coffee, Earl Grey tea allows you to fill up with energy, gently, and without the risk of having palpitations afterwards. Even more surprising, the high concentration of antioxidants in this tea makes it a great help in the fight against diseases related to aging, including cancer and cardiovascular disorders.

When to drink Earl Grey tea?

Like Breakfast tea, which is made from black tea, Earl Grey is a perfect drink to wake up in the morning. It can be drunk as is, but also with a little sugar or honey, and sometimes even a splash of milk for even more sweetness.

You can drink Earl Grey tea after breakfast without any worries, it will even help your digestion. After 5 pm, if you are already having trouble falling asleep at night, choose an herbal tea without theine that does not disturb the sleep process, such as Rooibos Douce Nuit.

What food should I serve with this tea?

If you love good food and drink combinations, be sure to ask about teas and Earl Grey, as they can enhance any recipe if you choose the right combinations.

On the savoury side, Earl Grey black tea can be consumed with strong flavoured foods such as foie gras, duck breast or lamb. But you can also serve it with cheese and chicken. For dessert, Earl Grey is perfect with a lemon pie. And for a snack, we recommend our Earl Grey Gourmand, which will go perfectly with a pastry. 

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