Tasting green tea, a drink that helps you to feel good

For several centuries now, people have been used to drinking green tea all over the world, and at any time of the day. Today, tea is the second most consumed drink in the world, just behind water and ahead of coffee. Rich in antioxidants, green tea helps protect its consumers from chronic diseases and cardiovascular disorders. It is also available in many variations, in combination with others plants, fruits, nuts or sometimes flavors, to suit all tastes and desires.

What is the origin of green tea?

Teas are world-famous beverages consumed by a wide audience. Among the different varieties that exist, green tea is one of the most popular: To obtain this characteristic color, the natural oxidation of the leaves is stopped after picking.

It is often said that the origins of tea date back to 3,000 years before our era: at that time, the emperor Shen Nung, used to quench his thirst by drinking hot water. One day, even as he was quenching his thirst under a shrub, the leaves of the wild tea plant fell into the water and infused, giving it a delicious taste.

Later, during the Tang Dinasty in China, between 618 and 907, tea became an integral part of certain rites. Poets consumed it regularly, often in powder form, with water and salt. Tea consumed as an infusion developed especially under the ming, between 1368 and 1644. In Japan, if tea has been present since the 7th century, it became in the 15th century an art of living in its own right, in close connection with Zen philosophy. 

Then, during the 17th century, when all the countries of the world began to carry out all kinds of commercial exchanges, tea arrived in our Western civilizations. If it is the prerogative of the rich and aristocrats at first, it develops quickly to be consumed by all the population.

What are the benefits of green tea?

Oh green tea! You've probably already heard about its virtues, haven't you?

It is THE health and slimming drink par excellence!
First of all, green tea is very rich in antioxidants polyphenols to be exact. These powerful antioxidants help slow down the aging of cells. It is even said to have anti-cancer properties.

This antioxidant action also promotes oral health and therefore limits the formation of cavities. Green tea is also very effective in promoting blood circulation. Its flavonoid and catechin content reduces the risk of accidents and cardiovascular diseases. It is also an ally for overweight people or those who fight against obesity because it helps to lose fat mass.

Green tea is also recommended to fight against diabetes. It stimulates the liver and the stomach, boosts the metabolism, and of course participates in your daily hydration.

You will have understood, green tea is a real health ally with many virtues in addition to being delicious.

What is difference between green tea and black tea?

Green tea or black tea?

Let's start from the beginning. All teas come from the same plant: Camellia Sinensis. This plant grow in many countries around the world but the main producers are China, India, Sri Lanka and Japan.

After harvest, the leaves are placed in iron basins and heated at a high temperature for a very short time, until steam is released from the basin. This process aims at destroying the enzymes of the leaves and thus avoiding any risk of fermentation. The leaves remain green.

Then, there are two main types of green tea processing:

Sencha : The leaves can be flattened and tapered during the drying process. This method is of Japenese origin, and depending on the steaming time, we obtain very different teas in taste: from a pronounced grassy taste to an intense taste.

Gunpowder : The leaves are rolled on itself, it looks like small cannon balls, hence the English name "gunpowder"! It is a Chinese method that preserves all its original virtues, it is green tea par excellence

But then what is the difference with black tea?

Black tea, as you have understood, comes from the same plant as green tea. The leaves are simply oxidized!

Black tea was born in China, a legend says that its invention would have been discovered by mistake.

However, the true origin of black tea is not very clear. The Chinese would have seen in the fermentation of green tea the possibility to reduce the volume, to increase the conservation time and thus to facilitate the transport. Moreover, Europeans first discovered black tea because it was easier to transport and preserve during long boat trips.

What is the best green tea? 

As Health is concerned, the best is to consume different green teas because in addition to polyphenols, each has its own components that gives them specific properties.

But the test is about all a story of pleasure, the best tea is it that makes you travel!

For those who like natural, vegetal flavors, let yourself be tempted by our Sencha green tea, our Gunpowder green tea or our Green Yunnan.

For those who prefer floral and spring flavors, we have what you need: Fleur de CerisierFleur de GrenadeFruit du Dragon, Thé vert JasminThé vert à la Rose...

We also have fruity green teas: Reine des VergersSencha CalidaSencha florideSencha PrintempsSoleil des tropiques...

And of course, gourmet teas like Balade en Bretagne.

And many other flavors to discover!

When to drink green tea?

Tea is rich in theine, a natural stimulant !

Unlike caffeine, which causes a peak of energy and the famous "fatigue", theine provides a more diffuse energy, which accompanies you throughout the day.

Therefore, it is recommended to drink our tea in the morning or early afternoon to benefit from all its simulating effects whitout compromising your sleep.

How to prepare green tea?

Green tea leaves are quite sensitive, we advise you to steep 2 grams of tea for 3 minutes in simmering water between 80°C and 85°C.

Be careful, a too hot water could burn the tea leaves!

But we can never repeat it enough, the secret of a good tea is to enjoy it first! If you prefer a more subtle result, you can shorten the infusion time. On the other hand, if you like a strong tea, you can increase the brewing time!

How to choose your green tea?

Several elements can help you choose your tea: if you want a drink with a country taste, you should favor pure teas, or those enriched with flower notes (rose, cherry blossom, jasmine etc.). If you are particularly fond of fruity beverages, choose green teas with red fruits, orange peel or vine peach. And if you love gourmet drinks, allow yourself even more original teas, such as those containing real pieces of salted butter caramel... Pleasure guaranteed!

In order to vary pleasures, you should know that there are also blend between green and white tea, with a note of almond and honey, such as the Compagnie & Co 170th anniversary tea. And for a unique sensory journey, dont forget the Cinq Continents green tea with kumqat and lemon caviar.

What food to enjoy with green tea?

To fully enjoy the flavors of your green tea, prepare it according to the instructions regarding water temperature and brewing time.

At the same time, pair your green tea with the right choices in term of desserts, for an explosion of flavors in your mouth. Indeed, you must keep in mind that a green tea is generally quite light, characterized by a subtle texture in the mouth and a form of freshness.

We love soft pastries with green tea, such as madeleines, cakes and pound cakes. The lightness of the green tea will wonderfully complement the pleasant texture of the cake, for your greatest pleasure. You can also opt for very rich preparations such as Paris-Brest or millefeuille. To accompany these very tasty desserts, green tea will be more discreet, but will be particularly thirst-quenching and pleasant to drink.

Green tea is a tradition in its own right, a pleasure drink that you can associate with your dessert or snack on a daily basis. Don't hesitate to choose several, simply to vary the pleasures.

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