How to detoxify tea? 

As you probably know, tea is naturally rich in theine. But did you know that it is possible to detheinate it? 

We explain you everything: 

To detheinate your tea is simple! 

Theine is released at the beginning of the infusion. To start, you just have to do as usual: heat a large volume of water (expect more than usual) between 80° and 90°C depending on the type of tea. Then let the tea brew once for about 10 seconds. 

Then, discard this water and fill your teapot a second time and let it brew! 

We advise you to consult this article for more information! 

Why consume theine-free tea? 

But what is theine anyway? 

Originally, theine comes from the same molecule as caffeine. They are both central nervous system stimulants. 

What really differentiates them is the concentration but also the fact that theine present in tea is in contact with tannins which modify the effects. 

Indeed, coffee contains a large dose of caffeine for a small volume of coffee. In the case of tea, the concentration of theine is less important and diluted in a larger volume of water. In contact with the tannins present in tea, theine is assimilated much more slowly by the body

This is why coffee is well known to deliver an almost immediate "energy peak", sometimes followed by a "fatigue crash", whereas tea releases a diffuse and continuous energy over several hours. 

Some people are more sensitive to theine than others. Sometimes, tea consumed in the late afternoon can cause some difficulty in finding sleep due to its stimulating effects. 

Theine can also limit the assimilation of iron, so people suffering from anemia or endometriosis for example, it is recommended to limit tea consumption. 

Now you know how to enjoy your favorite teas without any worry! 

You can also enjoy some teas like Pu Erh or Oolong. These teas naturally contain little theine. 

Alternatively, you can turn to herbal teas that contain no theine at all! 

Naturally caffeine-free products

Are you looking for a drink without theine but with energizing properties

We advise you to turn to mate

This plant originating from South America is more and more popular thanks to the many top athletes who consume it!

And for a little touch of pep? Go for our Maté Citron or our Maté Grenade

If you are looking for an infusion without theine to avoid the stimulating effects while keeping the flavors and the greediness... you will have the choice! 

Probably the most famous herbal tea without theine... herbal teas! 

Herbal teas filled with benefits as effective as they are tasty! 

For every ailment, you will find a wide range of herbal teas to suit your needs! 

For a good night's sleep? Douce Nuit, Chanson Douce and our Chamomile Matricaire will make you happy. 

You wish to eliminate some superfluous? Choose Douce Ligne

To stimulate your digestion, discover our Licorice Mint, Verbena, Verbena Mint...

Are you looking for a soothing and tasty infusion? Let yourself be tempted by our rooibos

Rooibos is a plant native to South Africa often wrongly called "red tea" because its leaves are red. 

The rooibos has soothing, calming and digestive virtues. 

Are you a fan of fruity flavours? Go for our Rooibos Citron, Rooibos Orange, Rooibos Fraise, Rooibos à la Folie, Rooibos des Tropiques and Fruits & Fleurs du Soleil

You prefer gourmet flavours? Discover the Rooibos Vanille or the Rooibos Crème Caramel!  

Finally, let yourself be tempted by the fruit infusions

Real pieces of fruit to infuse for delicious drinks to be consumed hot or cold! 

So, which one will be your favorite? Délice Pêche, Délice Panier de Fruits, Délice Fruits d'été or Délice Piña Colada ? 

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