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The term "smoked tea" refers to black tea that has been smoked after harvesting, which gives the drink a very special flavor afterwards. This invention, coming from the Fujian province in China, is said to be several hundred years old. 

Indeed, the first smoked tea would have been elaborated by mistake, while villagers had found their tea leaves completely oxidized after having left them too long. They thought they had destroyed their harvest, but they decided to smoke the tea with the wood of tree present on their territory. This is how smoked tea was born, which quickly crossed the continents.

What is smoked tea made?

There are many varieties of tea, but many people still don't know what smoked tea is. Very concretely, it is generally a black tea at the base, which was dried on a wood fire after its harvest. 

This practice allows the tea leaves to dry much faster than by natural means. But what makes it famous is above all the taste it gives to the teas, recognizable among all the others.

Against all expectations, even though it originates from China, smoked tea is above all a tea loved by Europeans (for instance Lapsang Souchong or Tarry Souchong). It is called "European tea", to show how much it has developed in our western countries.

How is smoked tea made?

The process of making smoked tea is quite similar to that of black tea, although a smoking step is added in the first configuration.

After harvesting, a wilting step is carried out which allows the leaf to lose half of its water and to start oxidizing. Then, the black tea is rolled to accelerate the oxidation. Then, the leaves are lightly roasted on an iron plate, before being placed on bamboo racks over a root fire. Depending on the type of smoking desired, the leaves can be grilled for a shorter or longer period of time, and the process can even be repeated.

The rolled and smoked leaves go to oxidation in rooms where the humidity level oscillates between 90 and 95%, with a temperature between 20 and 22°C. Depending on the season, the region of cultivation and the desired color, this oxidation can last between 60 minutes and three hours.

To stop the oxidation, the tea is brought to a high temperature. Large cylindrical dryers are used for roasting. Finally, the teas are sorted (broken leaves and whole leaves) to be packed.

How to enjoy smoked tea ?

When preparing your smoked tea, allow about 1 gram of tea for 10 cL of water (3 grams for a cup, approximately). In order to get the most out of your smoked tea, it is best to brew it in a container that is large enough for the aromas to unfold, such as a teapot.

You can use filtered water and bring it to 90 or 95°C, without exceeding this last figure. On average, it will take between 3 and 5 minutes to brew your smoked tea. It is up to you to choose the time that suits you the best, depending on your expectations in terms of taste and intensity.

Smoked tea is usually served hot, you can add a splash of milk or a touch of honey / agave syrup to sweeten its flavor.

At what time of the day should I prepare smoked tea?

Since it contains black tea and therefore theine, smoked tea is best consumed at the beginning of the day. In this sense, if you often have trouble falling asleep, it is preferable to avoid smoked black tea in the evening, even if it means replacing it with rooibos or herbal teas without theine

For breakfast or even brunch, you can offer your guests a smoked tea without any worries. It can enhance the flavors of a savory dish, but also counterbalance a sweet treat made with caramel or jam.

Against all odds, you can also offer smoked with salty dishes, especially smoked fish, smoked ham or even red meat. The flavors blend very nicely in the mouth, and it can be interesting to choose this alternative to recall the smoky side of a ham or a salmon for example.

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