How are our herbal teas labeled organic ? 

At Compagnie & Co we offer a wide range of herbal teas. 

Committed to a strong environmental approach, we also wish to develop more and more our organic range: organic teasorganic rooibos and today organic herbal teas to allow you the widest possible choice. 

To make them, we make it a point of honor to use quality raw materials. We rigorously select plants cultivated according to the rules of organic farming. 

Once these plants are brought to our workshops, they do not undergo any chemical treatment. Our workshops have been ECOCERT certified for many years. 

The benefits of herbal teas

Herbal teas are a concentrate of benefits for your health and are particularly recognized for their medicinal virtues. They have always been used by herbalists to concoct mixtures with multiple benefits. Various associations of plants and flowers that give you a feeling of well-being and treat various ailments. 

Detox organic herbal teas

Organic detox teas are your ideal health ally! 

A perfect combination of plants that boosts the action of your kidneys and liver so that they can effectively eliminate toxins from your body. Generally having a diuretic action, detox teas help the body to eliminate impurities stored in particular because of stress, tobacco, industrial products and preservatives. 

Meadowsweet, nettles, thyme, rosemary, dandelion, ginger, lemon and many other ingredients are perfect for a detoxifying action. 

Detox teas are particularly appreciated at the beginning of January, to eliminate the rich meals and excesses of the end of year celebrations. This allows to start the new year in a purified body and in great shape! Of course they can be consumed all year long. 

Detox herbal teas are also a perfect slimming ally that promote elimination and allow you to stay hydrated all day. 

In our range of organic herbal teas, we recommend Reine des Près organic detox tea, perfect for your body and your well-being! 

How are the plants of our herbal teas from ecological agriculture harvested? 

The plants used in our organic herbal teas respect the rigorous criteria of the Organic Agriculture designation. These plants are cultivated without phytosanitary chemicals. Once they have reached maturity, they are harvested and dried. 

If you wish to know more about the plants to use in your herbal teas, we advise you to consult this article

Herbal teas for digestion

Herbal teas are also often consumed for their action on the digestive system! 

And yes, it is well known that after a heavy meal it is advisable to finish with an herbal tea! 

Vervain, licorice, lemon balm, peppermint... great ingredients that facilitate your digestion and avoid gastrointestinal discomfort. 

Their action stimulates the liver, the intestine and the stomach, the digestive herbal teas are thus perfect to consume after your meals. 

In our range of organic herbal teas, we recommend our Angélique organic digestive herbal tea perfect for your digestive comfort! 

Herbal teas for sleep

Another superpower of herbal teas: their action on sleep! 

We don't need to introduce you to it anymore: Chamomile, the essential star of peaceful and quiet nights! 

But it is not the only one. Many other plants have soothing virtues that promote sleep: linden, verbena, orange blossom, lemon balm. 

So many plants that have anti-stress, relaxing and calming benefits to help you find sleep and enjoy restful nights! 

If you are looking for an organic herbal sleep tea, our Nuit fleurie will make you happy! 

At what time of day should I drink an organic herbal tea? 

It all depends on which herbal tea you enjoy! 

Herbal teas are caffeine-free, so you can drink them at any time of the day without any exciting effects. 

If you choose an invigorating herbal tea like our organic Gingko invigorating herbal tea we advise you to consume it in the morning to benefit from its effects as soon as you wake up! For a detox tea, we advise you to drink it also in the morning, so that its purifying and diuretic effect operates throughout the day! 

Digestive herbal teas are ideal to drink after your meal to get the most out of their benefits. 

Finally, sleep teas are perfect for the evening, to help you fall asleep. But you can also enjoy them at any time of the day if you want to give yourself a moment of relaxation and soothing. 

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