Our "discovery" tea assortments

"Blending tea is an art, tasting it a pleasure". 

And to increase the pleasure tenfold, we have found the solution! To offer you our teas in a "box" format in order to discover our different ranges of teas: there is something for everyone! 

Are you a tea lover or looking for a gift idea? Our gift boxes are perfect to please yourself! 

Let yourself be tempted by our "Discovery" boxes: an assortment of 3 boxes of 30g tea to explore different flavours! 

You'll love the China Extra, Earl Grey Superior and Sencha Calida boxes: 

Chine Extra: our delicately smoked tea, exclusive creation of our house

Earl Grey Superieur: a must-have bergamot-flavored tea

Sencha Calida: a fruity blend of Sencha green tea and semi-fermented Oolong tea, with red fruit and vanilla and whole currants. 

Or let yourself be seduced by the Ceylon, Red Fruits and Mint Green Tea box: 

Ceylon OPHG: a blend of tawny leaves from the best high altitude plantations

4 Fruits Rouges: A blend of black teas from China flavored with red fruits and sprinkled with raspberry pieces

Thé Vert Menthe: China Gunpowder green tea with sweet mint leaves

If you still can't make up your mind, choose The Private Collection: Our box of 24 Berlingo teabags in individual envelopes offering a selection of the 11 best teas from Compagnie & Co. 

Our "special Christmas" tea boxes 

Every year, for the holidays, find our special Christmas tea boxes, a great gift idea for your loved ones (and yourself)! 

Find our 4 festive teas: 

Thé de Noël: our iconic and original tea! With cherry and almond flavors 

Thé des Neiges : a blend of green and white teas with the gourmet flavors of baked apples and red fruits

Hiver Austral : a rooibos with red fruits and mandarin flavors

Étoile d'Orient : Our green tea with spices, orange and chocolate flavors 

2, 3 or 4 boxes, you will find something to delight tea lovers! 

The 4 x 30g box for example is perfect for a discovery of these 4 different festive teas! 

The Étoile d'Orient and Hiver Austral or Thé des Neiges and Thé de Noël 2-box sets are perfect if your loved ones already have their favorite among these teas! 

For the greedy and the undecided, we also have the 3 tins Thé de Noël, Thé des Neiges, Hiver Austral or Thé de Noël, Thé des Neiges, Étoile d'Orient. 

Big tea lover? We have what you need! Our 3 Ronde des thés boxes will make you happy! 

Discover the 5 most emblematic teas of our House: Thé de Noël, Thé des Neiges, Hiver Austral, Étoile d'Orient and Chine Extra! 

To be even more original, you can also choose the Ronde des thé box with a Compagnie & Co mug! 

Our pretty Christmas baubles filled with Berlingo bags are also available in pretty boxes. The perfect opportunity to make an original gift that will end up directly on the tree! 

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift, we suggest you read this article. 

Our boxes according to the seasons

Each season or occasion has its own tea! 

As you can see, in winter, let yourself be tempted by our festive Christmas gift sets. 

The Neiges/Noël/Orient discovery gift box allows you to try 3 of our teas with winter flavors. 

But as soon as the warm weather arrives, fall for the Spring box

Secret de Shéhérazade: a blend of a selection of black teas flavoured with orange, almonds and peach with rose petals

Quatre Fruits Rouges : A blend of black teas from China flavoured with red fruits and raspberry pieces

Sencha Printemps : Green Sencha tea flavored with strawberry, grapefruit and a hint of vanilla, sprinkled with rose petals, sunflower and mallow

Cinq Continents: a fruity blend of green teas from Asia with Marula from Africa, kumquat citrus from the East and caviar lemon from Australia

Still haven't found what you're looking for? No problem! 

Our customizable DUO box allows you to choose your 2 favorite teas to make a gift that will please every time! 

With all this choice, you are sure to find the perfect gifts for all occasions like birthdays, Christmas, Father's Day...

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