Benefits of herbal tea 

Ah, herbal tea! For a long time considered as a grandmother's remedy, today it reinvents itself and offers itself a second youth!

Much more than simple potions with a thousand virtues, they are now also appreciated for their taste! 

Discover our wide range of herbal teas (organic or not) and enjoy their many virtues while pleasing yourself and all without theine! 

First of all, all herbal teas contribute to your daily hydration! On average our body needs 1.5L of water per day, with one (two or three?) herbal teas per day, it becomes immediately easier to reach, right? 

And this contribution is not negligible! Being well hydrated allows you to stay healthy, to facilitate the elimination of toxins, to avoid headaches... 

In addition to promoting hydration, each herbal tea brings its own benefits according to the plants that compose it! We help you to find it just below! 

Which herbal tea for which ailment?

Each plant has its virtues, each mixture allows to relieve various evils. Chamomile, for example, is ideal for relaxing and thus helping you fall asleep. It is also known to promote intestinal comfort. It is also an ideal infusion to relieve allergies and certain rheumatisms! 

Feeling stressed and anxious? Our Tilleul Menthe is perfect for you! This well-known blend is a classic for relieving nervous fatigue and anxiety. 

Another essential plant for herbal teas: Verbena. It will be perfect to relieve pains such as headaches, stomach aches... 

You can also find it associated with Mint: its benefits are thus multiplied tenfold and it also promotes rest!

Speaking of rest: our Détente (relaxation) herbal tea with vanilla rooibos and neroli is perfect to give you a moment of well-being in the evening! Otherwise our Douce Nuit herbal tea with rooibos, lime blossom and honey bush can also soothe your nights. If you prefer an organic option, choose our Nuit Fleurie.  

Need a boost? 

No problem, we have just what you need! 

Our Maté Tonus infusion is perfect: this plant native to South America is well known for its energizing properties! We also offer you the Maté Citron infusion, for a pleasant taste of invigorating citrus fruits. 

If you prefer organic, our organic Gingko herbal tea is made for you! 

Need a detox after the holidays?

Douce Ligne is the infusion you need! It contains cherry tails, known for their diuretic properties, which is perfect for eliminating toxins! For an organic alternative, turn to our Reine des Près herbal tea with detoxifying properties. 

Pain to relieve? Thyme infusion is suitable! Moreover, we invite you to consult this article to discover all its benefits. 

You have understood it, you will inevitably find an herbal tea that suits you among our wide range! If you are looking for herbal teas without theine, discover also our rooibos

When to drink your herbal tea? 

It all depends on the herbal tea you like! 

Herbal teas are theine-free, so you can drink them at any time of the day without any exciting effects. 

If you choose an invigorating herbal tea, we advise you to drink it in the morning to benefit from its effects as soon as you wake up! 

For a detoxifying herbal tea, we advise you to drink it in the morning as well, to take full advantage of its effects.

Finally, sleep herbal  teas are perfect for the evening, to help you fall asleep. But you can also enjoy them at any time of the day if you want to give yourself a moment of relaxation and soothing. 

For the preparation, we advise you to make infuse your herbal tea in a simmering water between 85° and 90°C. For the infusion time it depends on each herbal tea! What is sure is that they do not contain theine and therefore no tannins. There is no risk that they will develop a bitterness if you let them infuse too long. 

If you are still a tea lover, find out here how to de-tea it! 

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