Flowery teas, to enhance all your breaks! 

What is flowery tea?

Flowery teas should not be confused with flavored teas:even if they have some points in common, they are two different categories! In the first category, we will fin exclusively drinks with floral accents, such as violet, rose, verbena, jasmine or lavender, to name a few. 

A flowery tea can be base on green tea, black tea, or even black tea depending on the case. It is often associated with green tea, as the flowery flavors are particularly appreciated when mixed with the varied notes of green tea. Black tea is also often selected, as it has more character and brings a different experience in the mouth. 

Flowery teas are not only composed of flowers: you can for example taste recipes like Secret d'Aladin®, which combines green tea with spies and lemon. If you are more interested in recipes where flowers are very present, you can choose a green tea with Jasmine. 

What are the benefits of flowery tea? 

The benefits of a flowery tea are primarily those of the tea, since the flowers are present in small quantities and the tea dominates. If you make it a habit to drink tea regularly, you will naturally fill up on antioxydants, which will help slow down aging and protect you from chronic diseases. 

Flowery tea also offers a good way to quench you thirst and increase your water intake, but also to adopt a healthy lifestyle in which you hydrate sufficiently and avoid snacking. 

The flowery notes can also bring a little comfort, which makes flowery teas and excellent gift idea, to give to someone else or to offer to oneself!

How to prepare you flowery tea ? 

Always make sure to follow our recommendations when brewing your flowery tea. Ideally, you should use filtered water, especially if you know that you tap water is not of very good quality. 

Generally, you should let a flowery tea infuse for 3 to 5 minutes in water whose temperature is between 80 and 90°C. You can add a little sugar to your tea if you wish to soften its taste: in order to avoid consuming more calories, it is quite possible to favor stevia, natural sweeteners of even honey and agave syrup. A touch of milf may also be in order, always with a view to sweetening your preparation.

What are the different flavors of flowery teas ? 

Tea manufacturers, like Compagnie & Co, think every day about the recipes they can elaborate in order to amaze consumers' taste buds with flowery teas. You can find many variants, all with their own charm. In the category of black tea from China, Paradis sur Terre®, that is spiced up with bergamot, lavender, rose petals and vanilla... A sweetness you won't want to miss! 

Other associations exist with black tea, such as Thé des Anges® which mixes verbena and jasmine flowers. 

If you prefer, you can of course drink flowery green teas like Sencha Printemps. This one contains strawberry, grapefruit and vanilla flavors, as well as a note of rose petals, sunflower and mallow.

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