The benefits of rooibos

At Compagnie & Co, we are aware that it is important to produce in the respect of the Earth. All our products are rigorously controlled but we have also developed our range of organic products for those who are looking for the Organic Agriculture label

Organic teasorganic herbal teas and even organic rooibos: we are developing more and more our range of products from organic farming to allow you the widest possible choice. 

The rooibos is a drink with multiple benefits: 

Its high content of polyphenol allows to fight effectively against the ageing of the cells and the cholesterol. Very rich in minerals, it improves the health of bones, hair and skin. With a high content of flavonoids, rooibos can calm gastrointestinal pain and promote digestion. It is therefore perfect to be enjoyed after heavy meals and improve your digestive comfort! In South Africa, women traditionally use it warm to soothe their babies' colic. 

It also helps to soothe skin irritations and allergies such as eczema thanks to its high zinc content. 

And that's not all, very rich in fluoride it also promotes dental health! The fluorine fixes itself on the teeth and strengthens them to fight against aggressions and bacteria. And second positive point, the rooibos does not contain theine unlike tea so it does not stain your teeth! 

Finally, rooibos contains a significant nutritional wealth: potassium, calcium, magnesium but also trace elements like manganese and copper! Rooibos also promotes the assimilation of iron, so it is recommended for pregnant women and people suffering from anemia. Moreover it is recommended to consume it during the winter period, it will help you to stay in good shape and fight against fatigue. 

Rooibos does not contain any theine or caffeine, so you can consume it at any time of the day, its soothing virtues can also facilitate sleep. 

In short, in addition to being delicious, rooibos is your ideal health ally! 

In addition to all the virtues naturally contained in rooibos, its organic origin allows you to take full advantage of all these benefits! 

Indeed, being of organic origin, your rooibos was cultivated in the rules of organic farming, in the respect of the Earth. 

You do yourself good but you also take part in a strong environmental approach

And that's not all! At Compagnie & Co, when we offer you organic products, the flavours are too! 

The origins of rooibos

But by the way, do you know rooibos? It is also called "red tea" wrongly and you will quickly understand why!

Rooibos or Aspalathus linearis is a small shrub of about 1 meter that grows exclusively in South Africa, in the Cederberg reserve. The eponymous drink comes from the infusion of the leaves of the shrub, fine needle-shaped leaves.

This "tea" is the national drink of Africa where it was traditionally consumed for its medicinal virtues. "Rooibos" means "reddish bush" in Afrikaans and this is not a coincidence: indeed the leaves of rooibos are red!  

In France it is wrong to call the drink made from rooibos "red tea" and for good reason: they are simply not tea leaves. 

The "real" tea comes from the Camelia sinensis plant. This includes black teas, green teas, yellow teas, white teas, Oolong and Pu erh. Unofficially, Pu Erh tea is the only tea that can be called "red tea". 

Traditionally the infusion of rooibos is created by the fermentation of the leaves which gives it its red-brown color. If the leaves are not fermented then the rooibos will have a color rather similar to green tea.  

How to enjoy rooibos

How to taste your organic rooibos so that it releases all the splendor of its aromas? It's simple: 

We advise you to let it infuse for 3 minutes in a simmering water between 85 and 90°. 

But we will not repeat it: the secret of a good infusion is to enjoy it above all! You can shorten this time if you prefer a lighter taste, or lengthen it for a more intense result. Rooibos is also low in tannins, so there is no risk of it becoming bitter if you let it steep longer! 

Rooibos is traditionally prepared plain with milk and a little sugar. We offer a flavored Rooibos that you can of course enjoy plain or with whatever you like. 

If consumed plain, without sugar or milk, rooibos like all infusions contains 0 calories, it promotes hydration and can therefore be a slimming ally! 

You can combine this rooibos with a sweet treat in the afternoon for example!

If you want to venture into more sophisticated creations, did you know that there are recipes based on rooibos to make delicious smoothies? 

Hot or iced: it's up to you! 

As we wrote a few lines above, rooibos is an infusion without caffeine, so you can drink it at any time of the day! Therefore it can even be consumed by children! 

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