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Toasted almonds, chestnuts, walnuts or even speculoos: many variations of gourmet teas have been created by Compagnie & Co, always to delight you. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a gourmet black tea or a green tea base, knowing that some blends even add sweet and aromatic white tea.

What is a sweet tea?

You only have to visit our gourmet tea section to understand what it is: we blend black or green tea with comforting ingredients such as chocolate, baked apple, vanilla, hazelnut, honey, almond or pistachio, to name a few.

Sometimes the ingredients are inserted into the teas as is, like the caramel pieces in Balade en Flandres. Other blends are based on both the raw ingredient and the flavors, for a tenfold pleasure in the mouth: this is the case of Amadula with almond, among others.

Gourmet teas remind you of all the recipes that are close to your heart: the cookies that marked your childhood, the almond that you crave when you are looking for a treat, or the fruits that do you good.

Because gourmet tea is an excellent gift idea, there are also some that have been specially designed for special occasions: Bonne Fête Maman, for example, is a delicious black tea with cherry, almond, vanilla and a touch of honey for sweetness.

At what times of the day should you enjoy a sweet tea?

We admit that they can be enjoyed at any time of the day, from morning to night! At the end of the day, in order to avoid any sleep problems, we recommend avoiding teas that contain theine, especially black tea. However, you can concoct gourmet teas without theine or mixtures based on rooibos for example.

If you order a black or green tea, it should be prepared at night, so as not to disturb your sleep. You can drink it in the morning to start the day in optimal conditions, but also after lunch and why not as a snack.

Gourmet tea can accompany your snacks and all your sweet cravings, but you can also drink it as is, without adding pastries or cookies. Indeed, since they already give a pleasant sweet sensation in the mouth, these teas are sometimes enough to calm the cravings for sweets and other confectionery... They can even become a precious ally to reduce snacking and succeed in losing a few pounds!

Discover sweet teas for all tastes

Are you a fan of black teas and do you like the contrast between a strong drink and a particularly gourmet aromatic note? In that case, you'll love Balade en Terre Neuve tea. This black tea has a maple syrup flavor as its main argument, while being enriched with notes of baked apple and nuts... A pleasure that will quickly become addictive.

Still in the world of black teas, if you prefer more classic flavors, don't wait to try Ceylan Vanille. This Ceylon tea, of protected origin, has been simply flavoured with vanilla. You can add a little agave syrup or honey if you want a sweeter taste, or just drink it as is.

Even more indulgent, the Chocolat & Pépites blend is a blend of Chinese black teas with chocolate flavouring and even chips. As soon as you brew it, you will feel its greediness, and the pleasure to the palate will be even stronger.

For Earl Grey fans who are not averse to a bit of a treat, the Earl Grey Gourmand is an excellent gift idea. It is a blend of black teas from China with a bergamot aroma, and an irresistible hint of crème brûlée and caramel.

Do you prefer green teas? Your sweet tooth will be satisfied with Sencha Calida, a green tea with red fruits... Knowing that you can also fall for Sencha Printemps to vary the pleasures, it contains strawberry, grapefruit and a touch of vanilla.

Compagnie & Co has also imagined blends based on even milder teas: Thé des Neiges contains green tea and a little white tea, more subtle. Its greediness is offered by aromas of baked apple and red fruits.

Note that you can also get oolong teas or even gourmet rooibos... The imagination of tea manufacturers has no limits!

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