The flavors and benefits of spiced teas

As their name suggests, spiced teas contain ingredients such as ginger, cardamom or cloves. Rich in flavors, they come in many variations, to satisfy all palates ... Including the most demanding! Like all teas, these products also offer a number of health benefits: it would be a shame to deprive yourself of them!

What are the benefits of spiced teas?

Like flavored teas, spiced teas are made with green tea, black tea or even a blend of several different teas. Consuming them gives you the opportunity to benefit from all the advantages of tea, which is excellent for your health.

First of all, drinking tea helps to keep you better hydrated and ensures that you are getting enough water each day. It can also help you soothe hunger pangs that can lead to snacking, as well as help you digest after a big meal by preventing bloating.

If you also choose a spiced tea, you will benefit from the health benefits of spices, in addition to the virtues of tea. Ginger, for example, is a powerful antioxidant that also has anti-inflammatory properties. Cloves can help fight acne, dental pain, certain allergies, migraines, urinary tract infections, dandruff and scalp problems.

Don't hesitate to ask about the specific benefits of each spice, as they differ from one product to another. You can look for the spice teas that taste best to you, but also choose based on the benefits of each alternative.

Discover our spicy green tea, Yuzu Étoilé which is a clever blend of green teas with yuzu, green apple and star anise flavors.

You also have Thé Chaî aux Epices, which is of Indian origin and which does not cease to make speak about him these last years.

How to prepare a spiced tea ?

If you order spiced teas from Compagnie & Co, you can be sure that you are trusting a reputable brand in the field, which is not only committed to choosing the best ingredients for its teas, but also to providing the most effective advice possible to each consumer.

Please note that at Compagnie & Co, our spiced teas contain only blends of teas and spices, there is no added flavoring. Take the time to read the instructions on your tea package: you will be able to know how long to let it steep, but also what temperature to choose for better flavors.

In general, spiced tea should be steeped at 85-90°C for about 3 minutes. If you are using loose tea, make sure you use enough for flavor, while controlling the amount to avoid wasting. To save time, you can also buy Berlingo tea bags that are ready to use, perfectly proportioned.

What foods should I serve spiced tea with?

Since it generally contains black tea, spiced tea should ideally be consumed at the beginning of the day, in the morning or possibly at noon. It can be served with all kinds of dishes, whether you are a sweet or savory person.

The spices will wonderfully highlight the flavors of bread with butter and jam, but also scrambled eggs or even turkey breast, for those who prefer to eat salty breakfasts.

At lunchtime, spiced tea is best served at the end of the meal, it allows you to finish on a pleasant note and to facilitate digestion. You can of course accompany it with some small cookies or homemade pastries. Since this tea offers very strong flavors, it can sublimate all relatively simple desserts such as brioche, flan, cream. 

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