Lavender honey from France - Hédène

Lavender honey from Luberon

Creamy and melting, the lavender honey Hédène has an extraordinary florality. With its subtle nuances of fresh fruit, it is the most fragrant honey of the range. The fine palate will feel delicate notes of almonds at the end of the mouth. 

(Nutritional values for 100g: Energy 1365 kJ - 321 kcal; Carbohydrates 80g of which sugars 80g; proteins 0,3g; salt <0,01g.)

The texture of the honey may change with time.

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Store at room temperature away from heat and humidity.

It goes perfectly with teas or infusions. 

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The lavender honey from France Hédène is a monofloral honey with delicate fruity and floral flavors. Contrary to the chestnut honey which is a stronger honey, this raw honey is softer and melts delicately in mouth, for the biggest happiness of the gourmets!

Harvested in France, Hédène lavender honey is the most fragrant of the range. Its creamy and melting texture emphasizes an exceptional florality, enriched by subtle nuances of fresh fruits. 

The perfume of the honey of lavender of France Hédène, its fruity savour and its delicate odor are very pleasant. Its typical taste has a light acidity. Its woody, vegetal and floral aromas remain in the mouth for a long time. For the most subtle palates, notes of sweet almonds are revealed at the end of the mouth. 

Flowering takes place from mid-June to early August. Harvesting takes place from late July to early September.

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