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Apricot jam from Roussillon

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Artisanal jam of red apricots from Roussillon with pieces, melting, perfumed and acidulous. The best apricot for a traditional jam.

The apricot is rich in vitamins B1, B2 and C as well as minerals (notably phosphorus and magnesium). It is also an excellent source of fiber. It is a light fruit with a low caloric intake (47Kcal/100g).

(Nutritional values for 100g: Energy 991kJ or 234 kcal; fat 0,3g of which saturated fatty acids 0,02g; carbohydrates 55g of which sugars 54g; proteins 1,1g; salt 0,01g.)
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To keep preferably in the fridge after opening.

Shelf life of 3 years after the date of manufacture, as long as the jar is not opened. 

Dosage2g per cup

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A 100% French brand that pays the greatest attention to each recipe, from the most traditional to the most original. 

Their creations are made by a master jam maker who passes on his recipes to the team of jam makers selected by him.

The jams are made in Brittany and prepared in a traditional way in a red copper cauldron, in small quantities and stirred with a beech spatula. The brand is supplied only with 

A good jam is first of all tasting, you must have the sensation of eating the fresh fruit ripe to the point, the texture must be supple, neither too compact, nor too liquid. We prefer jams with nice pieces of fruit, and marmalades with melting peels. It's all about the perfect balance of the recipe. 

Like Compagnie & Co, La Cour d'Orgères is recognized as a quality craftsman by the Collège Culinaire de France, in a qualitative and quantitative approach of respect of the seasonality.

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