Acacia Honey from France - Hédène

Acacia Honey from Burgundy

Liquid, the honey of acacia Hédène is of a big aromatic smoothness. Its exceptional softness makes it an appreciated product by all the family. Its crystalline color is the pledge of an exceptional quality. It is the perfect substitute to sweeten yogurt, tea or infusions. 

(Nutritional values for 100g: Energy 1365 kj -321 kcal; Carbohydrates 80g of which sugars 80g; proteins 0,3g; salt <0,01g.).

The texture of honey can evolve with time. 

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Store at room temperature away from heat and humidity.

 It is the perfect substitute for sweetening yogurt, tea or infusions.

Dosage2g per cup

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The acacia honey from France Hédène is a soft and delicate honey.

Harvested in France, in the forest of Chaux, in the pure beekeeping tradition, the honey of acacia Hédène is particularly fluid and of a crystalline color, which attests to its superior quality. It is a very soft honey, floral and of an incomparable aromatic smoothness in mouth. Its aroma is slightly fruity. Its flavor is delicate and its perfume is subtle. 

It is a honey very appreciated for its liquid, transparent and clear texture. Its slightly floral sweetness, devoid of acidity and bitterness, pleases the whole family. Balanced and harmonious, it is unanimously appreciated by gourmets.

The flowering period of acacia honey goes from the end of April to the end of June. The harvest is done from mid-May to the end of July. 

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