Lime Blossom

Lime Blossom herbal tea

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Lime is one of the most famous herbal tea in France, it helps against strain and anxiety.

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85 to 90°C
We recommend a water temperature in between 85 to 90°C (185-194°F)

3 min
It is the standard time for infusion, but you can adapt it according to your taste

When to drink ?
Better for the evening

Dosage2g per cup

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The benefits of Tilleul

Do you know our range of herbal teas?

Many herbal blends that are both tasty and good for your body! It's ideal, isn't it? If you still doubt their virtues, we invite you to consult this article.

The lime tree or Tilia cordata is known for its soothing and relaxing properties. This plant is easily recognized by its small yellow flowers with green reflections that give off a delicate honey smell in summer. 

Prepared as an infusion, lime blossoms reveal their relaxing and anti-spasmodic properties. This allows to soothe nervous tensions in particular. The infusion of lime is particularly recommended in case of mental fatigue, stress and overwork. Its soothing virtues also make it an ally in finding sleep. For more information about linden herbal teas, visit our blog!

Why do we recommend to drink our herbal tea in the evening? 

It is recommended to consume this tea in the evening after the meal to benefit from its soothing and digestive virtues but especially its benefits on your sleep! 

To fully benefit from its effects, it is recommended to consume up to 4 cups per day and for a few weeks. 

How to prepare your Tilleul te to benefit from all its properties? Its is simple :

We advise you to let it infuse 3 minutes in a simmering water between 85 and 90°C

But we can never repeat it enough: the secret of a good infusion is to enjoy it first! You can of course let it brew for a shorter time for a lighter result or on the contrary extend this time if you prefer more intense flavours

This herbal tea does not contain tea and therefore no tannins, so there is no risk that it will develop a certain bitterness after a long infusion.

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