Earl Grey pointes blanches

Bergamot & white tips

Blend of non-smoked Chinese black teas and white tips, flavoured with bergamot

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What is Earl Grey Pointes Blanches tea?

Before discovering the Earl Grey Pointes Blanches, you must be sure to know the Earl Grey, and for that we invite you to consult the following link.

White Tips means that we add some white tea buds, which are needle-shaped tea leaves, covered with a silvery down.

Traditionally white tea was reserved for an elite, because of its rarity and price. It is harvested at the beginning of the season, when the bud is barely open and still covered with a cottony down. During the drying process, this down turns from a milky white to a beautiful silver glow.

The white tea is the one that undergoes the least transformation compared to the fresh leaf of the tea plant, very little oxidized, it therefore retains all the characteristics and benefits of tea. The province of Fujian in China is historically the region of production of most white teas, but Darjeeling in India has also made a specialty of it.

Like rare and expensive spices, white tea has been added in small quantities to some black and green teas for many years. Its vegetal and flowery notes bring variety and sweetness to the blend.

What are the components of Earl Grey Pointes Blanches tea?

Compagnie & Co has created an original recipe by adding some white tea buds to a blend of black teas delicately flavoured with bergamot. This blend is first flavoured using the exclusive steam flavoring process, and then white tea leaf buds are added to the blend after it is completely dried.

Earl Grey Pointes Blanches is a more subtle infusion than Earl Grey, and although it is most often drunk plain, a drop of milk can be added, making it a perfect drink to accompany breakfast or a gourmet snack.

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